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Name : Admin
06/11/2019 13:48:55, Hit:207
Phuket's biggest Festival - Vegetarian festival

At Phuket,

the biggiest festival starts from on 9th lunar month of Chinese calendar.

'Vegetarian Festival'




Celebrating the Chinese community's belief that abstinence from meat and various stimulants will help them obtain good health and peace of mind.

The festival is famous for its extreme celebrations. 




During nine days, participants observe the followings,

 - Cleanliness of the body

 - Wear white cloths

 - Avoid eating meat

 - Avoid sex,

 - Avoid Alcohol

 - Pregnant or menstruating women should not attend ceremonies


And also there are many local markets where sell many foods out of vegetables, no meat, no seafood







One of the most exciting aspects of the festival are the various (and sometimes gruesome) ceremonies which are held to invoke the gods.

Firewalking, body piercing and other acts of self mortification undertaken by participants acting as mediums of the gods.














For the well-being & health of the family,

many people follow the rules and participate the festival.




Enjoy the festival

and try to feel Amazing Thailand !!!


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