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Name : Admin
26/04/2017 15:20:17, Hit:618
Racha island!

Racha island (Raya island) is one of the most beautiful island in Phuket.


Racha island is not so far from the Phuket.

Take a boat 30~40 minutes from Phuket.



Clean water with beautiful sky



When arrived Racha island, can see the bridge.

When middle of the day, That bridge is really hot.

Should to take shoes!




Beautiful view, Clean water with cute fishes.


Can rent Umbrella with beach mat. all day 200 THB!



Beautiful snorkeling point.


Also included lunch, soft drink with fruits(watermelon ,pineapple), with snorkeling. 

Can enjoy your vacation in Racha island ;-)


If you want enjoy Racha island,

When you stay in Karon pool villa, please contact villa staff.

We will help you enjoy your vacation at Racha island!


Enjoy Phuket Enjoy Racha island!



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