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Name : Admin
11/03/2015 20:09:50, Hit:1,066
Good fruits to eat in Thailand

There are many tropical fruits here in Thailand.

Let me introduce several fruits you should try.

1. Durian

Very famous tropical fruit, called as ‘King of the fruit’.

Some one really likes, but others hate.

Sweet & sticky taste just like cheese cake, but really bad smell.

Prohibited inside room at most of hotels.

2. Mangosteen

Very sweet & delicious, called as ‘Queen of the fruit’

Outside dark-voilet peel & inside white as garlic.

Because of the sweet taste, it can be easily infested with ants

3. Lamyai

The shape look like grapes.

If you peel the outside, you can inside white things. Delicious.

There is a small seed - black..

4. Rambutan
Numerous hairy exterior in red.

Inside the tender, fleshy, delicious fruit is revealed.

Its taste is described as sweet and sour, much like a grape

5. Lychee

The shape looks like longan.

Red exterior. Inside sweet & juicy.


6. Mango

Most famous & common tropical fruit.

Normally people like the yellow magno. Sweet & juicy.

7. Coconut

Outsude very hard & round peel, Inside there are coconut milk.

Simple taste but good for thirsty.

8. Rose apple – Chompoo

Dark purple color.
Juicy.  Look like bell pepper. You can eat whole thing including the peel.


9. Som – Thai orange

Green color outside. Taste like orange inside.

There are small seeds inside.

10. Dragon fruit - Pitaya

Very colorful & looking strange, but not delicious. (very simple)

Kiwi with no sweet ?  But it help digestion.


Also there are other various fruits in Thailand.

And very fresh & delicious here than your own country.

Try to eat many fruits as you can.

Delicious & Cheap.


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