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2019 Songkran Festival - Phuket (13/Apr)
2019 Songkran Festival 

The Songkran Festival is Thailand's New Year's Day festival and is held during the hottest time of the year. Every April 13-15 is the Songkran Festival period, and some provinces are extended.The Songkran Festival is a time when water is pouring from place to place. Music, dance, and magic come together. It is also a symbol of the Songkran Festival, where people soaked in water from head to toe, water guns, goggles and boughs.

Festivals are dotted with exciting times and dangers in any country. The Songkran festival period is the time when traffic accidents occur the most during the year. The Songkran festival period is often called "a week of death" in Thailand. Some young people who are intoxicated with alcohol and drugs drive their motorcycles and cars to places where people gather and get hurt. Most accidents, of course, happen at night Therefore, it is difficult to recommend wandering around the entertainment district at late night.

The main area of the Songkran festival is Insan Inhae. There is a situation where people can't walk around.It's easy to steal valuables as soon as you get distracted by water, music, dance and monsters. Wallets, cell phones, cameras, etc. require special attention. Infants and children are advised in many ways to avoid areas where huge crowds of people are gathered. In the future, there could also be a situation where people could be crushed to Chaoshan Road, Saladang Street, etc. is a huge crowd area.

Do you want to enjoy the Songkran Festival, but can't you go to Thailand during the Songkran period (13-15 days)? Then, we recommend Pataya, which has a relatively long festival period. You can enjoy it until April 19. After mastering in a good location in central Pataya, one can prepare high-performance water guns, goggles, and waterproof clothing for the Songkran warrior.

points of caution

1. Clothing

-You can't be free from water. Wear underwear as opaque if you don't want to show your body. When wet, you can see most of what you can see. Wearing swimsuits and waterproof clothes is helpful. Cotton clothes are easy to flush when wet. Men recommend clothes with a belt. This is because if the pants get wet, the rubber band may not reduce their sugar levels. Men are advised not to dress in the upper body at all the time. Women are ideal for upper bodies in swimsuits. While on the move, wear a simple coat on the upper body and take off one's coat on the battlefield and go The lower body is ideal for shorts. Long pants are hard to walk when wet. Another caveat is that expensive clothes are prohibited. It is common for clothes to be torn during a water fight.

Two goggles, sunglasses.

-Goggles are very important at the water fight. It's hard to open your eyes when the water is pouring in. Some water is dirty and some water is ice. Without goggles, you can replace them with sunglasses.

three valuables

- If possible, you should keep valuables in the hotel safe deposit box. It is common to lose valuables during a water fight. If you take a camera with you, the waterproof camera is good. It is better to avoid expensive DSLR cameras. You'd better take only the least money in your wallet. It is wise not to wear gold or silver necklaces or earrings. It is wise to think that there are pickpockets and robbers everywhere. Discount stores and shopping malls sell waterproof plastic bags for 30 to 100 lbs.

4.Older, Infant and Child Accompany

- It is difficult to recommend elderly, infants and children accompanying people to Bangkok's Kaosan Road, Saladin Street, etc. It's better to enjoy your stay in a moderately crowded street around the hotel. Accidents happen when huge crowds gather. If you want to move to an area where huge crowds gather, you'd better look at the situation and approach it. You'd better avoid the position if you're pushed around.

5. What to Avoid

- Spilling water on moving vehicles, motorcycles, mobs, and St. Teu can be dangerous. During the Songkran period, motorcycles, bicycles, St. Teu, pubs, and vehicles that are driven by water poured into them are sometimes in a dangerous situation. Things to avoid. It is not polite to pour water on children, women, the elderly, and patients with a baby carriage and a look of fear of water.

6.Moving to a quiet place or entertainment place during late hours can be dangerous.

-The Songkran festival period has the most deaths and serious accidents of the year. In the midst of a festive mood, young Thai people take a break. Accidents usually happen in the evening. I try to drive a car or a motorcycle after drinking too much or using drugs. It usually takes place around entertainment districts. Therefore, more than normal care is needed when traveling around the area around the entertainment district late at night. In quiet places, tourists pickpockets and robbing to raise pocket money to enjoy the festival. It is advisable to avoid moving to places of rare traffic. Of course, it is best to stay in hotels and the surrounding areas during the evening, not in the main street.

7. Traffic congestion (movement to the airport during the Songkran period is very difficult)

- During the Songkran festival, traffic jams are severe throughout Thailand. The time zone from the hotel to the airport is 9 a.mIt is wise to start one or two hours earlier than usual at 9 p.m. In particular, it is recommended to leave two to three hours earlier than usual between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. when the water festival is in full swing. Bangkok is right if it departs one or two hours earlier than usual. However, depending on the location of the hotel, Pattaya, Phuket, and Kravi areas, it is better to leave two to three hours before the usual time.

Bangkok (13-15)

-Bancock's Songkran Festival hot place is Kaoshan Road, Saladin Street. These two areas are not accessible by car. By blocking, people can enjoy a water fight safely. There are also many people in an area called Sanam Luang. Of course, there are Thai people, tourists, who try to pour water with their water guns and barges, all over the major areas. Do you want to enjoy the Songkran Festival the best? If so, he haggles with a kaoshan Road and a pub around the palace and borrows for about an hour before having a water fight.

Pattaya (13-19)

-The Pattaya region is no less a place to enjoy the Songkran than Bangkok. It is one of the best places to enjoy the Songkran festival with Thai people flocking from Bangkok and people coming down from the discrete regions. Pattaya Beach Road is crowded with people trying to fight in the water. Install a barrier so that cars cannot pass on the beach road. Especially, Soi 6, 7 is a busy alley, where water fights are fierce. If you want to have an exciting water fight, you can recommend it, but if not, it is hard to recommend it. During the Songkran festival, Pattaya was the most unmanned place to pour in ice water and dirty water. need to be careful

Pattaya has the worst entertainment element in the country, so it is hard to recommend wandering around the entertainment district late in the day. Alcohol, drugs and young people often run wild in areas where people gather. Also, it is difficult to recommend areas where people are rare because some tourists and Thai people who need money during the festival can turn into pickpockets and robbers. If it's after 10 p.m., you'd better stay safe at the hotel.

Phuket (13-15)

-The hot spot on Phuket's water festival is in front of the Jungsilon shopping mall in Bangla Road, Pattong Beach. Other water fights take place at Karon Beach Karon Circle, around the entrance of Karon Temple, around the Katavich Katavich Resort, around Peitakdo and around the Puketown Robin Mountain Department Store. In general, you can enjoy a safer water fight compared to Bangkok.  Do you want to enjoy the Songkran Festival the best? Then, go to Pattong Beach, bargain with Yuti, borrow it for about an hour, and then wander around the Pattong Beach area for a water fight.

Chiang Mai (13-15)

-Chiang Mai is the central part of the tapetagate. A 4-kilometer section centered on moat surrounding the fortress is an area where visitors can enjoy the Songkran Festival. In general, you can enjoy a safer water fight compared to Bangkok.  Some playful young people, children pour in ice water. Advantages also need to be careful, as dirty water from moat is often used in water gun fights.  Do you want to enjoy the Songkran Festival the best? Then, after haggling with 툭툭, renting it for about an hour, we go around the Tapetagate, Nimmanhemin, and Old Town to have a water fight.

Koshui (13-15)

Kosamu is a place where Europeans usually flock, and it is expensive to travel, so there are not many Thais. Therefore, there is no such heat as Phuket and Pataya. They enjoy water fights along the beach's roads around Chakuni Beach, but the level is not much.​
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